We provide comprehensive services covering every stage of the installation process of floor systems, starting with measurement and consultancy at the design phase, through the surface preparation, to the installation and maintenance of floor coverings.

We specialize in the installation of floor coverings in public buildings and commercial premises on various types of surfaces – floors, stairs and walls.

We install sports flooring and flooring solutions for special purposes – such as electrically conductive antistatic coverings, requiring special installation for preserving the characteristics and full functionality of the floor.

Surface Preparation

Proper preparation of the substrate prior to installation is crucial for the stability of the covering and for subsequent comfort of use.

The work that we do at this stage includes:

  • removal of any old coatings
  • evaluation of humidity of the floor
  • dehumidification of the substrate
  • pouring self-leveling concrete
  • smoothing of the underlayment

Flooring Installation

Professional installation performed with thorough knowledge of materials and technology allows to preserve the properties of the floor.

As an installer authorized by leading manufacturers of floor coverings, we offer:

  • installation of all types of floor coverings
  • laying resilient floor tiles and panels
  • cutting out floor coverings in required shapes and patterns
  • heat-welding of seams in resilient flooring
  • installation of wall skirtings, stair nosings and threshold strips
  • coving of the flooring up the walls

Sports Floors Installation

Proper selection and installation of sports surfaces is of vital importance for the preservation of the characteristics required of the floor, such as shock absorption, as well as for the safety of users.

Therefore the installation of sports-hall floors is a special feature in our offer, and includes:

  • installation of modern sports floor systems
  • installation of traditional joist sprung floors
  • cutting and joining floor coverings of different colours
  • painting signage on sports floors

Cleaning and Maintenance

In the daily use of coverings, it is the proper cleaning and maintenance that helps ensure hygiene, aesthetic appearance and prevents premature wear.

As a supplement to our package, we offer services related to surface maintenance such as:

  • rotary machine scrubbing
  • dry polishing
  • application of protective coatings
  • repairs and replacement of damaged coverings
  • consultancy on cleaning and maintenance solutions

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